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Security vulnerability in dompdf


A security vulnerability in dompdf has recently been discovered. The vulnerability would allow an attacker to access any file readable by the webserver. A solution is being developed presently.

Until a new version is available, it is recommended that all users remove the dompdf.php file from their installation and to use the dompdf class directly (see\). If it is not possible to remove dompdf.php, the PHP ini option open_basedir should be set to a secure base directory (see\).


dompdf-0.5.1 released


dompdf-0.5.1 has been released! Version 0.5.1 includes several important bugfixes:

* image url and path handling has been tidied up and should now work properly

* border styles are accepted in any order

* vertical-align works properly within table cells

* <br> works within inline tags (e.g. <font>, <span>)

* CSS height property now respected by block elements properly

* the "Attachment" option to dompdf->stream() has been fixed

* support for multiple CSS classes (i.e. <p class="class1 class2"> ... </p>)

* and many more fixes: See the ChangeLog for the complete list of improvements.

Version 0.5.1 is available at your nearest SourceForge mirror. As always, if you need help or find a bug feel free to either send me an email at dompdf at or post a message to the SourceForge forum.